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These are some of the features we've built to help you overcome any product challenge you might have

Quick Spreadsheet Management

With StoreGecko, you can manage your products in the familiar spreadsheet environment that you're used to. Our product holds all the features of a spreadsheet - drag&drop, copy&paste, etc. while you are interacting with your products in real-time.

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Real-Time Validation

Never upload data to your web store with stupid errors again. StoreGecko will validate your products in real-time and thoroughly explain how to fix any critical errors.

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One-Click Category Assignment

No more time-consuming search, select and saving categories. Now, you can assign categories to your products with just a few clicks.

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Powerful Product Filtering

No more wondering how to find that product you misplaced. StoreGecko has a number of pre-set filters to help you find any data you're hunting. You can also add your own customized filters and make managing your product data even easier.

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Fast Image Capturing

Manage your product images in a flash with our Media Manager. Assign a thumbnail, a base image or a small image to your products with a single tool, where you can just drag and drop your media files.

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"This is the solution that enables me to expand my shop into new markets easily"

- Søren Mejnertz, CEO, Festtema