Meet StoreGecko

We are a dedicated group of people with the mission to change the world of E-commerce from our offices in Bulgaria and the UK

quoteI believe that product management is as important to the web store as CRM is to business and it will be as big a game changer as CRM was. Here at StoreGecko we believe that product management is the next big thing and our mission is to change the world of E-commerce.


Jan Brogger Andersen

Founder & CEO


We want to give the typical web store owner access to the right tools and knowledge in a way that is not driven by technology but by commerce. With our product we transform technology from an obstacle to an advantage.

Empowerment is our main value. We give you the ability to do all the things that you cannot do today. It is all about you running your business in peace.

Our vision is called "Arbejdsro". It's a Danish word, which translates to "creating a peaceful, relaxed and comfortable environment for you to work in". We believe in "Arbejdsro" and we can empower you to achieve it.


Jan Andersen

Founder & CEO

Ivelina Nikolova

Communications Manager

Filip Traikov

Backend Developer

Georgi Dzhangozov

Web Developer

Yoana Vasileva

Web Designer

Katerina Nikolova


Mariela Georgieva