"6 Crucial Things I Wish I Knew When Choosing Magento" by Mitch Goldman

"6 Crucial Things I Wish I Knew When Choosing Magento" by Mitch Goldman

29 Aug 2016 10:10 by Katerina Nikolova, Copywriter at StoreGecko

Our product owner and partnership manager, Mitch Goldman, wrote a book about Magento, which is basically a guideline for everybody in need. It’s called “6 crucial things I wish I knew when choosing Magento”.

Mitch has a great experience in software development. He started off twenty years ago from testing video games to running e-commerce websites. For six years he has managed Magento projects, which includes high-traffic sites such as Made.com.

He has a lot of experience in the Magento field, as he is the actual organizer of the London Magento Users Group, which is the largest Magento meetup in the world. It consists of more than 1,000 members and what Mitch also does is to host their annual Magento hackathon, MageHack, and their startup pitch expo - Magento Demo Day.

He started writing his book seven years ago when he first encountered Magento and started managing Magento projects. His search for a guide that bridged the communication gap between managers and developers went astray so he decided to write one himself. This book is the product of many sleepless nights going through documents, articles and e-commerce forums.

In “6 crucial things I wish I knew when choosing Magento”, Mitch elaborates on technical concepts and their meaning and why some decisions in Magento are more important than others. He covers the most important topics you need to know about when starting or while managing a Magento shop, i.e the problem with product data in Magento, setting up products in Magento, boosting Magento's speed with indexing, making Magento faster with caching and all about Magento extensions.

In his own words “This guide is the result of many late nights of pizza and beer with my development teams, countless hours reading through documents, forums, and articles, and what I learned from the many mistakes along the way”.

Our CEO, Jan Andersen, who is behind the idea of StoreGecko, read it in one breath. “Having just spent an evening reading Mitch´s awesome book about Magento, I got once again reminded how complex and powerful a beast of a system that Magento is and that a book like Mitch´s is like the chair in the hand of the lion tamer - good to have, but does not protect your from being too brave too soon, but do read it before walking into the lion enclosure...”

Mitch Goldman is now helping StoreGecko turn the work environment for web store owners more pleasant than it is when working with complex systems like Magento. The product that the company is building is an extension to Magento and it gives the chance to work only within it, without having to deal with other systems. It synchronizes your products from Magento to StoreGecko and then back to Magento and to your web store and it makes product management a whole lot easier with its only-one-click solutions. Read more about StoreGecko’s features here.

We know you’ll find Mitch’s book useful and we know it’s everything you need in a Magento guide for managers. You can find it and read it here.


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