7 Weird E-commerce Business Ideas That Got Successful

7 Weird E-commerce Business Ideas That Got Successful

11 Oct 2016 12:50 by Katerina Nikolova, Copywriter at StoreGecko

Bazillion ideas out there. Bazillion business ideas to be exact. Think of the weirdest idea you’ve ever had - statistics show that somebody probably already thought about it and tried to turn it into business. What’s stranger is that most of them got successful. Here are 7 crazy E-commerce business ideas that turned into success and into huge profit.


Potatoes etched with personalized messages

An idea so stupid that it actually worked. Alex Craig, a 24-year-old man started Potato Parcel in 2015 in Dallas. The dumbest idea ever consisted of the service to send potatoes with pesonalized messages written out on them. The Potato Parcel was sold for $8 up to $10 and within its first two days it brought $2000 revenue.

The business was sold to Riad Bekhit for $40,000 five months later. Now the potatoes are bought from Californian local grocery stores and the messages on them are written with Pilot G2 roller pens and sales have doubled since the business launched, registering $25,000 in sales during February this year.

Bekhit included new products such as Potato Pal (a picture of someone’s face on the potato) and Potato Postcard (a potato with a postcard posted on it) and people are loving it.

Now, it really is an unforgettable and extremely quirky experience to receive a potato with a message etched onto it, isn’t it?


Stain-resistant, indestructible furniture for your home

Debbie Wiener, the designer and owner of Slobproof, says she wouldn’t describe herself as a slob… but she married one. Slobproof’s story starts when the young family adds two sloppy boys, a messy dog and a bird to the mixture of their new life so instead of Debbie losing her marbles, she decides to design a slobproof home.

The design company builds custom sofas, chairs and stools made of specially engineered fabric that prevents stains and withstands spilling. She describes her business as “the common sense of a Jewish Mother with the muscle of a professional wrestler.” And from an extremely queer E-commerce business idea it turned out to be a winning solution for housewives around the world and young families in need of help.


The cure for the missing sock

Ever had the pain of having hustled mornings and that one missing sock that makes it all even worse? The owner of Throx probably had that same pain, too, when he came up with the business idea to sell socks in threes and not in pairs. That way when you lose one of your favorite socks you can have a third one to accompany it. It’s the end of doing laundry in horror of losing one of your socks or as people have come to call it … the socks monster.

The prices of the socks seem to depend on the design but most of them cost around $10, so it’s an affordable solution to people’s whole-life little misfortune.


A wedding chapel out of a van

If you ever need to marry quickly on a budget, The Wedding Wagon was created for that exact reason. You can order a van chapel to any location, even the Red Rock Canyon State Park, starting from $129. The company was founded in Las Vegas and it offers a minister, a witness and a fully-equipped van with a chapel.

You can marry at the craziest locations, such as the Pinball Hall of Fame or you can even have your own Open Top Bus Tour Wedding. Basically, pack your bags to LA and get a wedding experience out of a van - genius …and so goddamn weird.


The mysterious marketplace - your something may be anything

SomethingStore is an online retailer who gives customers who are suckers for surprises the chance to order something brand new or just a “something” for $10. According to SomethingStore’s website “It may be something you need, something you want or something you desire. Your something may be a cool shiny gadget, rare book, party game, handmade necklace, reverse clock, box of gourmet chocolates, popular video game” etc.

Statistics show that this E-commerce business has sold more than 200,000 somethings since its start in 2007 … wow!


A pet rock to call your very own

Have you ever wished for a pet that you never have to feed, groom, clean after, walk and bath? PetRock launched in 1975 by advertising executive Gary Dahl, converting this insane idea to a news story that appeared even on NBC. The pet rock is one of the very first extremely insane ideas that turned into a profitable business.

The products were a smooth stone from Mexico's Rosarito Beach and they were marketed in a little cardboard pet box that even had breathing holes in it for the “animal” inside. It was treated like a live animal, coming with extremely funny manuals, which were full of puns and word plays that referred to the rock as an actual pet.

By February 1976 they were already discounted because of lower sales, but by that time Dahl had already sold 1.5 million Pet Rocks for $4 each and he became a millionaire.


The Bottled Air that China can’t get enough of

Vitality Air started out as a joke but the Eastern world is crazy about it. The Canadian company has been selling cans of "fresh clean air and oxygen" from the picturesque Rocky Mountains for around $10 to $20 each to Beijing, taking advantage of their air quality problems.

Vitality Air’s Harrison Wang says “Our Chinese website keeps crashing. We are getting orders from all over the country, not just from the wealthier cities. When the air is bad, we see spikes in sales”.

These guys are totally making a killing with this weird E-commerce business idea, so contain your laughter everybody.


The most crazy and dumbest ideas can turn into a successful E-commerce business and this speaks for itself that when you have the passion and when you’re smart about things then success hits you out of nowhere - gaining you $2000 revenue for the first two days and that only from your Parcel Potatoes ...now what about your Wedding Wagon or that next thing you’ve got in mind?


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