Christmas Is About Giving

Christmas Is About Giving

24 Nov 2016 10:00 by Katerina Nikolova, Copywriter at StoreGecko

An extremely magical time is on our way. Christmas is just a few weeks round the corner and its spirit cannot be mistaken. The smell of gingerbread, cinnamon and apple cider is in the air creating the cozy feeling around this holiday. The hunt for the perfect presents has already begun and retail and e-commerce stores are thriving at the moment.

We’ve got a few tips up our sleeve to offer you on retail marketing and driving attention to your store. But we need to remind you - Christmas is not only about your sales going up, it’s also about helping one another and giving your customers what they want because this is what Christmas is all about… it’s about giving. Give out as much as you can and you’ll see the favor being returned.

We’ve elaborated on how you can improve your e-mail marketing, the design of your website, the user experience of your shoppers and how giving should be implemented in your E-commerce store as well as in your presence in social media before the holiday. And from the hundred posts you’ve read about Christmas marketing, below you will find some new attractive ideas that might inspire you and drive you to experiment.


Email marketing - be different

It’s important that on this holiday you develop a connection with your shoppers and what better connection to create than to offer them something special around Christmas. According to us, a Christmas email campaign should last at least 10 days in a row in order for it to show the expected results.

Our idea is to send your list special deals and advices each day at the start of December. You can hide discount codes in your text and write Christmas riddles with the chance of winning something when your list guesses right.

Another suggestion for your long email campaign is to tell stories and hint about the surprises they’ll find in your store during Christmas. You might send them recipes and creative decoration ideas, depending on the e-commerce store you’re running. Make room for Santa Claus jokes in your daily emails, too - those always brighten up the mood before Christmas.  

Include the Christmas tree in your emails, as well. Our idea is to send one at the very beginning with wrapped gifts underneath it and during the last day of your campaign you can finally reveal the gifts - they may vary: discount codes or a link to gift guides they’ll find in your retail store.

Just be educational and entertaining, give your customers what they want and you’ll achieve your purpose - developing a connection with them right before Christmas.


Landing page ideas

Your landing page is extremely important. Its mission is to support the holiday mood and to lead to the best presents your shoppers are looking for.

You probably know your customers and what grabs their attention. Usually on this holiday a lot of people are lost on gift ideas. They’re wondering what to buy for their loved ones and they are searching the web for suggestions.

So, what better to do than to include on your landing page gift guides with recipient tags - “the soccer lover”, “the one who loves to cook”, “the elder ones” and so on. This way they’ll recognize their loved ones and browse through your suggestions, lost no more.

Don’t forget to include place for discount codes for your special list of customers who have been loyal all year and for the ones who grabbed their discount code under the Christmas tree. You can create a special Christmas wish list connected to your web store’s shopping carts and even dress up your logo to contribute to the holiday spirit. But don’t overdo it and be classy!


Ideas for the rest of your E-commerce store

It’s good to have the copy of your web store rewritten a bit specifically for Christmas so that shoppers stumble right into you. Keywords you can use are: Christmas offers, Christmas special, gift wrapping, free Christmas delivery, etc.

If you want to offer something more special, you can prepare Christmas hampers. They’re extremely popular at the moment. Whatever retail store you’re running, you can always select from a range of products and sell them together in a gift wrapper with a special price for the selection. And to double the joy in your customers, you can even send out personalized hampers - with whatever they buy most inside the package. You can even hide the products and create the goody illusion of Secret Santa, which people love during this holiday.

What you can also do for your e-commerce store is put little trinkets with each product shipping during December or if you don’t want to send out free gifts with every purchase a whole month you can offer them just two weeks before Christmas. Free is key. Give as much as you can and put a smile on your customers’ faces.


Social Media during Christmas

Welp, social media is another key factor to your communication during the holidays. Make sure to share the landing page of your web store in social media. A cool thing you can do is create special gift guides there, too. Each platform allows you to get creative when you give ideas for presents. You can make sketches or little notes but it’s better to be different than the guides on your actual website.

It’s good to create a Christmas cheer when you communicate in social media before the holiday. You can get personal and elaborate on what Christmas means to your brand, you can even post team photos and expose how you prepared all the gifts for your customers that they’re going to find in your store.

In social media you can also share recipes for the holiday and spread inspiration whole month long. Organize contests and giveaways and then give winners special prizes or send out from the Secret Santa gifts that we mentioned above.


Offline ideas you can turn into an online benefit

If you own a brick-and-mortar shop, you can think of many little things to surprise your customers and put a smile on their faces. We suggest an experiment - before Christmas for each 10th customer you have in your store, have snowflakes falling down on them and give out a free gift. You will warm their hearts with this little gesture. You can take pictures and post them online to show your enthusiasm for the holidays.

And as a gesture of gratitude you can send out personally written postcards from you to your most loyal customers. Make them feel special when they see your handwriting. Besides, everybody loves receiving envelopes with their name written out on them. You’ll provoke a warm and fluttery feeling inside your best customers.

And remember - develop a connection with your customers and give as much as you can. Happy Holidays! X


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