3 Predictions About The Future of E-commerce: The Emerging of Hybrid Commerce

3 Predictions About The Future of E-commerce: The Emerging of Hybrid Commerce

24 Jan 2017 10:21 by Katerina Nikolova, Copywriter at StoreGecko

It’s 2017 and we’re already living in the future. Just look around - self-driving cars, virtual reality glasses, checkout-free stores. The question is: what will be next?

Digitalization has already taken over the commerce world. Companies are already in a situation where they have to come up with new technologies and new approaches in order to catch up with the fast pace of the changing world around them.

With the Internet being a vital part of our lives, people’s habits have changed rapidly. Their comfortability of using a phone application for everyday needs has altered the way they think and most importantly, the way they shop.

E-commerce is conquering brick-and-mortar shops but the upper hand might be on the way to be flipped around between the two. Here are our 3 predictions of the future of E-commerce.


Amazon Go: The merging of physical stores with traditional e-commerce

The new Amazon Go store has been the most discussed topic for a while now. The company is literally reinventing the whole retail commerce perspective. With their new checkout-free stores, they are applying their one-click buying experience to a physical retail store and they are changing all definitions of “retail” as we’ve ever known them.

It’s a part of the future and it will be a game changer for the whole E-commerce world. Why? Because everything web store owners knew as methods won’t work anymore. If to own a web store was the safe thing we predicted that would not get out of trend, we were likely wrong.

We are assuming that soon retail, as we know it, will be completely merged with the online world. Imagine walking down the street and your phone sends you a notification about that gadget you wish-listed last month - now it’s in the store next to you… and surprise, surprise, it’s even on sale!

Take iBeacon, for example, and its technology to send hyper-contextual content to users based on location. This is why we predict that owning a web store won’t be enough because you’ll probably have to have a showroom for it.

Showrooms: The new trend

We predict that a lot of brand web stores will start building physical shops. A true collaboration between retail and e-commerce might be witnessed.

The Danish company Miinto, just like ASOS’s Marketplace, are another example of an omni-channel that combines online and offline shopping. As said on Miinto’s website their mission is to “enable growth of fashion boutiques and brands by providing seamless, innovative and insight driven world class e-commerce”. In other words, the future.

Not to mention that the threshold of starting to sell online is going down. The past years, a trend has emerged that everybody can be a merchant online and companies like Facebook and Woocommerce have made this idea a reality, but the question that remains is: where does that leave the companies who made all those E-commerce platforms for the serious web stores?

We are thinking that new technologies and new approaches should be their next step. Much like ASOS have started improvising, so should the E-commerce platforms who are providing the web merchants with the needed tools. But that’s another topic we will elaborate on later in another blog post.

The emerging of hybrid commerce

The merge between the physical and the online world is the future. The whole world will become one digital shopping mall, where everything is connected by the devices in our hands. In a few years, there won’t be any difference between e-commerce and retail.

Everything we learned about E-commerce the past few years, learning people’s habits, gaining the skill of knowing how humans shop, will be implemented in future technologies that will impact our everyday lives. In fact, they already are, and Amazon Go is the perfect example of it.

This is why we believe that a new hybrid commerce entity will emerge - a combination between retail and traditional E-commerce.

It’s a new world and we can’t be more thrilled to witness whether we’re right or not and bring our skills to impact on it all.

Grab the popcorns and join us for a crazy ride through the change.


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