The State Of Product Management: The Beginning Of 2017

The State Of Product Management: The Beginning Of 2017

10 Feb 2017 12:43 by Jan Andersen, CEO of StoreGecko

The state of product management in the beginning of 2017 is a whole different story than what it was two and a half years ago when we were just starting to preach about its importance.

It stopped being an unknown and obscure phenomenon in the E-commerce world. Now, web store owners are asking for it on a regular basis turning it into a normal supply and demand thing. The result of this is more and more tools emerging here and there to help with product data, which leads to the attention of E-commerce platforms being piqued. They’ve started caring about product management a lot more.

The maturing of product management

When we think of the past, we recall having to explain the term PIM to our customers and its importance. We were preaching the need to take care of product data and make it a number one priority. Now, the whole game has changed and we aren’t just one of the few suppliers that do that anymore.

If before only the big web stores were taking product management seriously, now every web store recognizes its necessity. Small web store owners have started taking into consideration every little thing when they are on the hunt for a good E-commerce platform choice.

They have higher expectations than before but those expectations are simple on their end - good tools and the perfect features that will offer them the holy land of the E-commerce business.

Therefore, the demand for different suppliers and different levels of functionality is becoming more and more pronounced. Quick-and-dirty tools are being developed to satisfy a part of the market.

And it appears that the market is already face-to-face with the knowledge that product management is a real thing.

E-commerce platforms are finally listening

A lot of E-commerce platforms are already addressing the need for product management and they have started doing everything in their power to deliver the required tools and features to their customers.

Platforms like BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify are listening to the needs of web store owners and following each trend that emerges in the E-commerce world to respond to these needs.

BigCommerce has, for instance, taken it up themselves to provide guides and a whole BigCommerce University, which grants web store owners with series of videos that help with growing online businesses. This is the kind of response a lot of people needed as web merchants.

And as the market grew, so did the necessity for competitive tools to help online retailers be among the big guys on the business field. There are all kinds of SaaS applications out there that help with website design, payment methods, Facebook ads, fraud prevention and so on, and so on. The list is endless when it comes to all the different tools web store owners need to become successful in the competitive E-commerce world.

BigCommerce has a store full of apps and integrations tailored especially for their platform and, of course, built for their customers. Just as a few other E-commerce platforms, they are engaging with their users and trying to help them build better online businesses.

In an era full of millions of web stores out there, what better than to have the proper tools made easily available?

Multichannel, the ever-growing trend in E-commerce

Another thing that fuels product management and its current state is the realization of multichannel and its power. Not just the technically-advanced online retailers are putting an effort into selling multichannel but so are every small web merchant.

It has turned into a possible means of survival for online businesses. And we can’t help but mention BigCommerce here again and their Channel Manager. Web merchants can manage all listings from one location and promote the products on multiple channels.

And it is amazing when E-commerce platforms make it a priority to deliver on all the customers’ expectations.

As the realization of product management’s power hits home, new opportunities for ideas emerge. Great tools that actually make the whole process easier, are here to stay and make the lives of online businesses a lot less nerve-racking.

So, if you’re a web store owner and you haven’t realized the power of product information management yet, then you should seriously consider looking into it. It might just be the difference you are in need of.


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