CowOrKing Space by Puzl - Changing the Way Coworking Is Done

CowOrKing Space by Puzl - Changing the Way Coworking Is Done

28 Sep 2016 09:24 by Katerina Nikolova, Copywriter at StoreGecko

StoreGecko’s development hub recently found a new home at CowOrKing Space by Puzl. Our team is so inspired by the Space’s surroundings that we couldn’t help but mention how dynamic and productive it has been for us ever since.

They had our interest piqued, so naturally we dug into their story to learn how they started at the first place and what is the great idea behind the Space.  


Mere seconds is all it takes for a great idea

The CowOrKing Space came into existence when the team behind Puzl, which is an online platform for SMEs, was looking for their new and first office space in Sofia. As far as we understood they were looking for months before they stumbled upon the old sewing factory, which is currently their super modern home. With months of searching they soon came to realize that nothing can match their needs as a team of dynamic professionals but when they saw the factory, they immediately recognized its potential.

The only problem they had with the place was that it was too large to house a startup of such small size. Nevertheless, we can see why it was too good an opportunity to miss out on. The possibilities for building a truly shared office space for a vibrant community were obvious to the team of Puzl and so, in late 2015 the concept for CowOrKing Space by Puzl was realized.

The concept behind the Space

We couldn’t help but ask what CowOrKing’s mission is and they elaborated on the idea that keeps the place together. It appears that from the very beginning, CowOrKing Space by Puzl was conceived to be the most advanced shared office in Sofia, Bulgaria, with team rooms, team desks and individual seats in a contemporary industrial design style of interior.

Centered on the IT community, CowOrKing strives to change the way coworking is done in Bulgaria and the region; by providing an excellent working environment with many areas for meetings and sharing and so much more.

Speaking of which …

The CowOrKing family is the heart of the place. The CowOrKing Team’s vision is that the shared office space belongs to each of its members and so, this is the way it is managed. Discussions and decisions that affect everyone are taken by including everyone in the conversation, which gave us an amazing impression. By finding their niche in the IT field and focusing their efforts in that direction, CowOrKing aims to foster this community feeling even further.

The idea behind having an IT-focus is for people to have a common language among each other and to be able to grow both professionally and personally. Although communication happens naturally most of the time, the CowOrKing team constantly aims to encourage sharing, problem-solving and the overall team spirit of the space.

StoreGecko in the Space and what makes it different

Why we chose CowOrKing? We believe that collaboration is key. Some of the context behind our product is collaboration and we are extremely fond of the idea of implementing that in our working environment, as well. While we were in Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, we fell for the idea that a whole place consisting of different teams can work as one and help out each other in everything. Ever since our experience there, we’ve been searching for a similar office setup.

Before the accelerator in Amsterdam, we went through a lot of office space changes. We’ve been to another coworking place before, then we were by ourselves at two different places, once at Vitoshka and a second time at Stambolyiski boulevard. When we stumbled upon CowOrKing, we knew it was the right kind of environment for us. So, this is how we found our little Startupbootcamp in the friendly office space that CowOrKing offers.

We can proudly claim ourselves now as part of the community here and we are incredibly happy about this fact. Not because they’re crazy, each in their charming way, but because we are, too.

We’ve been interested in the way our team feels ever since we moved and we’re noticing that they feel so much more productive and less tired. It’s the lights, Thibaut says as he explains how they simulate a noon light. Whatever it is, the result is in front of us and we can’t be happier with the progress and the pace we’re going at recently.

Now there’s only one question left to ask. Do you choose to be a cow or a king? Or why not both?


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