The product spreadsheet reinvented

The innovative spreadsheet that turns product data into flawless and engaging data for your web store


The Product Challenge



Capture and create products from multiple sources in a familiar spreadsheet setup.



Define and discover relationships between products, images and categories with an easy to understand interface.



Realize and fix product errors to meet the requirements of systems like Magento with intuitive color feedback validation.



Extend and improve the secret product data that drives all traffic on the Internet with clever tools.

These are some of the tools we've built to help you overcome the product challenge

  • Icon Quick Spreadsheet ManagementQuick Spreadsheet Management
  • Manage your products in the familiar spreadsheet that you are used to

  • Icon Real-Time Magento ValidationReal-Time Magento Validation
  • Never upload data to your webshop with stupid errors again

  • Icon One-Click Category AssignmentOne-Click Category Assignment
  • No more time-consuming search, select and save categories

  • Icon Powerful Product FilteringPowerful Product Filtering
  • No more wondering how to find that product you misplaced

  • Icon Fast Image CapturingFast Image Capturing
  • Now manage your product images in a flash

Quick Spreadsheet Management Real-Time Magento Validation One-Click Category Assignment Powerful Product Filtering Fast Image Capturing

Festtema is Denmark's biggest webshop, which deals exclusively with the sale of novelties, decorations, disposable tableware, decoration, costumes and disguises.

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FCI are an independently owned family business with deep roots in furniture design, manufacture and interiors.

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Rich Insight

RichInsight are a strategic accelerator for retail focussed technologies offering a strategy for digitally minded retailers, alongside a filtered suite of digital solutions.

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Space 48

Space 48 are a vibrant digital agency that creates and markets brilliant online shops using the Magento platform.

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Magento is a cloud-based digital commerce platform that offers solutions, which empower merchants to integrate digital and physical shopping experiences.

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